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Failed Attempt
They told me it was cold, but I didn't notice
The rain was pouring, but I had only one focus
No coat, no cover, not even a jacket
Just walking towards my goal, just like I've practiced
My legs take me towards the bridge
But I'm not sure which
For this information didn't interest me
Because soon I would be free
Looking down at the water that would soon be my bed
Maybe I'd go fast, and hit my head
But with my luck I doubt it
No need to shout it
My few friends will be surprised
Though only one will know why I died
Because he helped me when I cried
And stopped me when I tried and tried
Well it's too late to apologize
And as tears are falling out my eyes
I stand on the rail
Ready for Hell
Someone walks by, it's an old man
Get Down he yells, Unable to speak I do what I can
I mouth some words
That went unheard
Flying is what it felt like at first
Bracing myself, I'd prepared for the worse
Falling down fast
About to leave my problems in the past
My hair moving in the wind
I had up until never
:iconstar26898:star26898 3 0
You were my first and only love
I even trusted you above
My best friend,
But then again
You ripped out my heart
Shredded my most valuable part
I needed you and you failed me
Just when you got me to believe I was free
My trust has gone away
But my anger, it will stay
:iconstar26898:star26898 0 0
Mature content
Suicide :iconstar26898:star26898 0 0
You have life to give
Not life to take
Die or live?
A big choice to make
Some say it’s selfish
Some say it’s wrong
For you to perish
It’s not your fault you don’t belong
But then there’s one
The one who stays
Tries to show you the sun
And better days
And when it’s all done
You’ve turned from your ways
That one will help you
Have a new start
And when you’re blue
That one will show his heart
That one saved my life
And through pain
And through strife
That one had an umbrella through all the rain
So look for that one
And you’ll bet when they’re done
You’ll show a smile to everyone
And over death you’ll see you won
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Suicide is Painless?
She's lying there
On her bed
The voices whisper
In her head
Nobody loves you
Nobody cares
They'd be better off
If you were not there
The blade comes out
It moves real swift
And carves up and
Down her wrist
With her finger
She sat and wrote
In her own blood
Suicide note
Her sister was
The first to find
Her crumpled body
Defunct of life
Her sister does
Not deserve this
After all
She's only six
Her whole life
The memory
Will haunt her mind
For all to see
The person she
Looked up to
Is now not here
Oh, what to do
The mother next
She hears the scream
Comes in the room
And in a dream
She sees the body
Her first-born child
A bloody corpse
With a sickly smile
She looks around
Face filled with pain
The mother thinks
That she's to blame
And something snaps
Inside her brain
She never was
The same again
And all her friends
Find out at school
And some move on
Like all should do
But some depressed
Sick of their lives
Go home to bed
Take out their knives
And carve their own
Names in their thr
:iconrelativestranger:relativestranger 567 635
Suicide... they call it sin
They say it is a death in which no-one wins...
They encourage you not to do it, they say it is wrong...
But who is there to encourage you when you can't be strong.
You feel like you have no-one, not even a friend.
No shoulder to cry on, just one last letter to send.
:iconoueenofnight:OueenofNight 815 103
Have you ever wanted to die?
So bad
That you stood in the bathroom
A knife or a razor blade in hand
Maybe a boodle of pills
And a glass of water
And you stared at the mirror
Just wishing you'd die
But then you started to think
About your mom and your dad
Your sisters and brothers
Your nephews and nieces
All of your friends
And you put down the knife or the razor blade
You put away the pills
And you walked away
Acting like nothing ever happened
But the thoughts of your family and friends
Never stay for long
Day's week's maybe months later
Your back to thinking about suicide and death
:iconxxxsammysuicidexxx:XxXSammySuicideXxX 653 293
Life Is Beautiful by this-is-the-life2905 Life Is Beautiful :iconthis-is-the-life2905:this-is-the-life2905 1,169 141
You called me up,
down the phone,
you said you'd taken some pills,
and didn't want, to die alone.
Is your life,
that messed up,
you had to take steps,
to make it stop?
I cried to you,
to call 999,
you said you couldn't listen,
to voices other than mine.
your voice sounded weak,
fighting for breath,
the silence was noticeable
as if i was deaf.
The streets of heaven,
are already full tonight,
full of souls,
souls of angels,
souls like yours,
souls of people,
whose life ended too soon.
Your death,
has brought nothing but pain,
upon this world.
:iconitsekko:itsekko 668 100
Why Did You Take It Away?
if you're crying inside,
put on your bravest face,
even if no one,
can fill that empty space.
You left,
you walked away,
you left me here,
with nothing,
nothing but words to say.
My face was full,
full of salty tears,
how could you walk away,
walk away after all these years?
It began,
fresh from the soul
a brand new start,
and now all I have,
is this here bleeding heart.
you have moved on,
moved from what once was,
to something new,
something new that has begun.
an area you once filled,
once filled with love,
this space will be,
what sends me to above.
:iconitsekko:itsekko 5 0
I cut myself today
and I started to bleed
The pain is so intense
and I start to scream
I cut myself today
and I start to cry
why did I do this?
I don't want to die
I crawl to the door
I'm at the top of the stairs
I try and yell for help
But the words don't come out
I try to get up
but my knees are so weak
I take my last breath
with one tear rolling down my cheek
:iconcandacekelly:candacekelly 973 418
Adventure Time! by Suihara Adventure Time! :iconsuihara:Suihara 36,124 3,325




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